Koorosh Farchadi


c. (703) 909-5131


Related Experience:

Contract Consulting Producer Duties: Edit and produce videos on an as needed basis for the ICT4Gov program initiatives.  Compile needed material such as short videos, music videos and bites from WBI events, write scripts for video segments based on field research, acquire and edit video, voice over narration, identify new stories for WBI Governance programs.  Liaise with team members and stakeholders in the field for footage, interviews and other materials required for video products.  Ensure that knowledge products and videos are accessible and for open use, including through the appropriate licensing and posting in virtual spaces.

Project Coordinator duties:  Create new multimedia production system for Zan Neggar online women’s journal, record and edit audio podcasts in Persian for publication, edit videos for publication in Persian, post and mange online multimedia content, and maintain production and content.

Editor duties:  Edit free and public educational videos in Persian for Tavaana, manage archive of incoming videos and classes, collaborate with online and satellite teams for various broadcasts.

Assistant Editor Duties:  Responsible for footage library and archival material, log and digitize archival footage and incoming materials, research and locate footage, transfer XDCAM footage to various formats, and on location production assistance.

Editor duties:  Responsible for editing up to 14 segments including features, news segments, various B-Roll tapes and weather for live daily news cast broadcasting form the Reuters studios in DC.  Tape interviews and events using Panasonic P2 and fire store, record and edit audio tracks for talent and producers.

Producer duties:  Produce and edit daily news packages in English and Persian using Final Cut Studio suite 2.0, tape interviews and Senate committee meetings, research and write investigative reports, manage video archive, manage and post media to website.

Technical Advisor duties:  Produce member shows (working either camera, CG, Audio, or TD), schedule studio and editing times, trouble shot producers’ production/post problems, managed equipment, taught “Audio for TV” classes, and answered phones.  Volunteered pre-1999 as an audio board technician for radio and television programs in English and Farsi produced a weekly radio show, and multitudes of production assistant work.

Web-caster duties: Set up live web-cast and operated cameras for the Millennium Stage, graphic designer work on performance pictures, and posting media to the Millennium Stage site.

Intern Duties:  Edit institutional videos, assist in production of Internet spots and interviews, locate footage, and dub tapes.

Executive Producer duties:  Manage staff of over 20 people, direct/produce/direct/edit shows, program broadcast schedule, oversee editing projects, teach new members necessary skills, and develop advertising department.

Work Study Duties:  Tape student performances in studio, assist faculty with equipment usage, maintain studio and editing facilities, dub tapes, telephone and E-mail correspondence.

Projects included:  Washington Kastles Tennis, Fairfax County Public Schools’ Graduations, International Red Cross conferences, Save Darfur Now (Rally to stop Genocide), George Mason Basketball Final Four coverage, Merrian’s Way documentary trailer, PA/Grip for Invisible Indy-film, music and dance performances, etc.

Volunteer duties:  Tape and edit school’s recitals and festivals, and fundraising through tape sales.



  • Bachelors in Communications, concentration in Media Production and Criticism from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and currently perusing a masters in Economics.
  • Read, speak, and write Farsi, Spanish, and French.
  • Proficient with Final Cut Studio Suite programs (including Motion, Live Type, Sound Track Pro, and Compressor) Adobe Photoshop Creative Suit, Word Press and other online content management tools, FTP transfer methods, video compression methods, Microsoft Office Suit, and social media savvy.


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