Orchids of Costa Rica

Cell phone technology has come a long way!

1,000 Voices Against Corruption – GYAC

Produced in collaboration with the Global Youth Against Corruption to commemorate 1,000 members.  Together against corruption – 1,000 voices strong and counting.

“Participatory” – Sponsored by ICT4GOV

This film tells the story of Participatory Budgeting and its innovative journey across the globe.
“Participatory” was created for the ICT4GOV team at the World Bank Institute.  Thanks to the team that made this film posible.


The Washington DC Auto Show

A Tour of Chinese Ethic Cultures

Enjoy a section of the new hour long documentary produced for the Confucius Institute at George Mason University.

What Up DC?!? Episode 6 out now!

I thought I told you that we won’t stop!

What up DC?!? This episode we’re goin’ down South. Join Koorosh, Nikki, and Jared as the bring you this special winter sports edition of What Up DC?!? Coming to you straight outta Massanutten!

What up DC?!? Episode #5 is out now!

What up DC?!? Episode #5 is out now! Watch it on our YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/kookooproduction.

What Up DC?!? Episode #4

What Up DC?!? Episode #4. We’re all over the DMV this episode. Baltimore, DC, and Arlington ahoy! Join Anael, Koorosh, and Zoha as the bring you this fourth edition of What Up DC?!?

What Up DC?!? at The Rally to Restore Sanity

What up DC?!?  This episode we went to the Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity to America and then visited M st. in Georgetown for the annual Nightmare on M St.  Join Koorosh and Zahra as the bring you this special Halloween edition of What Up DC?!?

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